Friday, October 22, 2010

Spring Challenge Day 12 (16 days to go)

Departure: 8:00am
Arrival: 8:40am
Conditions: 16 and a BIG BLUE SKY!
Attire: 3/4 pants, t shirt, sneakers

Today was just beautiful! I found myself pushing quite hard and decided to take it a bit easier - afterall this bike was made for cruising! There were so many delicious scents in the air from gardens beginning to bloom. I managed to leave 10 minutes earlier today, and if I can leave a further 10 minutes earlier on each of my rides next week - I'll be at my goal of 7:30am! Nothing like a new challenge...

On the way home... ahhhh Friday afternoon. We enjoyed some wine and cheese at the end of the day and although the temperature read 27.9, it was slightly cloudy with a breeze. I was in no hurry to get home tonight and left at 5:20. I quickly got into my speedy pace until I resolved to cruise the whole way home, even if it took an extra half an hour. I had to check myself a few times - and I also had to push against the headwind from time to time, but I still conquered both inclines and arrived at home in 45 minutes. I distracted myself all the way with my plans for the evening, and my little sister's wedding plans...

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