Wednesday, October 27, 2010

My Leading Man

Hi Trav!

For the man who has everything the only option was to push the boundaries.
So I created a special 30th Anniversary Issue of Leading Man magazine 
and asked our friends and family to honour you within its pages.
It's been so much fun putting this together and everyone has been really excited about it. 
I hope you find it full of great memories and reminders of how much you mean to all of us.

Happy 30th Birthday Babe!

Love Christie xxx

Last night I was so excited I couldn't sleep - I felt like it was my birthday the next morning! I'd prepared a very special gift for my leading man and I'm really excited to share it today...

This morning as I was creating a delicious birthday breakfast of Pacdon Park Apple & Cider Pork Sausages, goose egg omelettes and our own Backyard Salad I nervously kept one eye on Trav opening each birthday card that had been building up on the table over the last few days. 
Eventually he got to the bottom of the pile and picked up the plastic wrapped magazine with interest - it looked just like any other magazine subscription and he ripped it open and turned it over to see the cover. And he stared. And stared. The he started to chuckle. He flicked through the magazine, looking at the pictures and stopped. 'That's not really Mr Bellchambers is it?' I promised him it was. He cackled until tears ran down his face when reading our friend Daniel's account of growing up with Trav at school, and Kim & Anthony's Southern 80 memories. 
His face went red with laughter as he read Rossi's thoughts and his own secret interview and couldn't keep a straight face when he found out what animal his mates likened him to. He looked at all the photos in awe and slowly turned through the pages, taking it all in with a look of amazement on his face. This was just what I'd been looking forward to! The priceless look on his face when he recognised the guy on the cover, his eyes widening in excitement as he realised each and every page was dedicated to him! I just wanted to sit with him all day and read through it page by page - watching his face at every moment! 

Special Delivery
As it happened - doesn't quite believe it yet

Who's that hot guy on the cover?
Trav & Dan grew up together at school
 Breakfast can wait - I'm reading 'A Sporting Chance'!


colleen said...

That is the sweetest thing I may have ever read :) What a beautiful gift!

Happy 30th birthday Travis! (from Colleen and Ryan xx)

Christie said...

Hi Colleen, I'll show you the real thing when we catch up for birthday drinks! xxx

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