Thursday, October 28, 2010

Happy Birthday Pashley!

This time one year ago I couldn't wait to get home so I could catch the bus down to Yarraville and pick up my precious new wheels. I remember the weeks of saving, and months of waiting as the shipment was forever delayed.Good things are worth waiting for aren't they!
Fast forward to today and I've got so many happy memories of life with Pashley, she is as strong as an Ox and so comfortable to ride. I feel free and safe when we coast along on our journeys together. Today marks our 1st anniversary but unfortunately we'll miss our ride together. Still, I'm very content that I've been sticking to my Spring Challenge, and glad that this habit is now a part of my life.

Another thing that's been well and truly worth the wait is the grand opening of the new Bakerlite Trading store in Bay Street Port Melbourne - this is the only Melbourne importer of the Pashley range and I've been invited along to attend the launch tomorrow evening. I intend to arrive with Pashley and I hear that Stephen has some more exciting brands up his sleeve, can't wait to fill you in!


emmahyphenleestill said...

Yay buying a new bike is possibly the most exciting thing I ever did.

I love that you have named your bike
Mines is called Gypsy and she is a silver Giant step through one hell of a comfortable ride

Christie said...

Hi! Actually Pashley is the name she came with - it's an English brand. I was toying with the name 'Maggie' (short for Magnificent of course), but it didn't seem to stick... so she's still Pashley to me!

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