Monday, October 18, 2010

First rule of farmers markets...

... don't make a list. Whatever you do! I had the best intentions and a very well thought out menu plan but of course half of the things I bought last week weren't there this week! So - budget yes, list no. This week I spent over $40 on meat, $7 on sorbets and about $30 on vegies and considering I'm still on my own this week it seems a bit much but some of it was for making Rossi's food - and I'm not touching those yummy sorbets until Trav gets home. There, that's better.
Bella Pasta & Dolci are from Rosebud, they bring along a delicious selection of fresh pastas - so fresh they're even making them at the market and an amazing range of sorbets and ice cream. Almost everything was gone by the time I got there so I snapped up little Lavender & Strawberry and Orange & Basil cups to hide in the freezer. Their other flavours include Chocolate & Strawberry, Apple & Honey and Lemon & Mint. And on top of their fantastic range of products they are just wonderful people too!
Another new face was Peninsula Fresh Organics, apart from the gorgeous little breakfast radishes I picked up, they have a wide range of other vegies including heirloom cabbage and baby kohlrabi - but again - you've gotta be quick!

I'm already looking forward to next week - I'm learning so much!

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