Friday, September 10, 2010

BOM got me this time

I was prepared to ride in today - I prepared to leave by 7:30am and if the skies were threatening I'd back out. According to the BOM radar a big storm was approaching, to be right above Melbourne during my 40 minute commute and as I looked out the window over breakfast a strong wind was blowing rain everywhere. So of course on the way in to work a dark cloud soon disappeared and we drove along under blue skies. Of course.
Can't even rely on a mixture of BOM and looking out the window I guess.

I wouldn't mind getting a little wet - I just don't like the idea of riding for 40 minutes in the rain.

Anyway last night we enjoyed a fantastic dinner at African Taste on Victoria Street. We were all looking forward to trying out this bright green African cafe and we weren't disappointed. It was quiet when we arrived but soon people started streaming through the door and the place was full! Everyone seemed to know about this little place.
Our waitress was very friendly - pointing out her recommendations and offering us a range of African beer. We chose enough dishes to share, starting with Katega - a flat bread topped with garlic and lots of spices and Cramped (Crumbed?) Cauliflower, which was deep fried in breadcrumbs and we all agreed this was the best cauliflower we'd ever had!
Mains were the highly recommended Fu Fu (Gnocchi) made with barley flour and topped with spinach and ricotta, an African Enchilada (melting pot of cheesy chicken goodness!), Molokia (lamb and spinach stew) and Doro Tibes (chicken and spice stew). The Doro Tibes came with Injera - a strange rolled up spongy flatbread. Everything about the place was wonderful and the prices are extremely reasonable, I think we'll be regulars at African Taste!

I'll leave you with this scene from Charles street - it's been up for about 5 weeks so far, I wonder they'd answer my call about the new 3 story development going up on top of the marine shop? Please be careful with our little village council!

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