Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Spring Challenge Day 7 (21 days to go)

Departure: 8:15am (ooops!)
Arrival: 9:00am
Conditions: 12 (no gloves!), still, partly cloudy, dry
Attire: jeans, brown kitten heels and riding tops

What a nice morning. I blame the sleep-in on the gorgeous massage from Brooke last night! It's starting to feel like a habit, and it was easier to leave this morning as all my things were already in my pannier. That's true with most things, it's actually 10 times harder to stop doing something and then restart - than just continuing to do it. A perfect bicycling example is intersections - it's best to slow down well before an intersection if the light is red so hopefully by the time you get there it's green and you can keep your momentum. Momentum - that's my word for the day.

Happy World Car Free Day everybody - how did you celebrate?

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