Thursday, September 30, 2010

Early Bird Challenge Day 4

The plan:

Rise: 6:30
make tea & breakfast
make lunch
Drive to work: 7:30

This is how it went in real life
6:20 Alarm
6:46 up, shower
7:00 breakfast and emptied dishwasher
7:15 dressed, make up, teeth
7:40 chatted to Trav
8:10 took phone call from close friend
8:25 left for work

OK. Let me start by saying it's been a rough week. A combination of Trav being home ill and major work issues have resulted in a complete drop of motivation. I slept in a bit this morning and dragged my feet, partly because I didn't feel a particular rush to get to work and partly because as Trav has been sick, I wanted to catch up on things and clean the house up before I left. I could have easily ridden but found myself with the same problem of something to wear. I'll ride tomorrow and will have my outfit ready to go tonight. I've allowed myself this lapse but there's no sense dwelling on things. I'll do a better job tomorrow :-)

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