Friday, September 3, 2010

Spring Challenge: Day 2 (26 days to go)

Departure: 7:47am (much better but still 17 minutes late)
Arrival: 8:35am
Conditions: 8, mild, still, partly sunny, but I could still see my breath.
Attire: Cuffed wide leg jeans, red wedge heel mary james, merino t shirt, zip top, gloves.

Another beautiful but slightly chilly morning. I'd part-packed the night before (sandwich, purse , security pass and I'd put my clothes and make up bag aside, but not packed). Forgot my earrings. Instantly I noticed that even this slightly earlier start time meant there was less traffic, getting onto Hyde street then immediately switching lanes to turn right wasn't as scary as normal, but the lack of traffic meant that I had to wait longer for a break to cross Whitehall. I enjoyed the breeze when my jeans flapped around. They didn't get caught on anything while riding, just once when I picked my foot up to ride off, the cuff caught the pedal. No biggy.

I enjoyed my ride a lot more - not feeling rushed or stressed and I'm really looking forward to the ride home. This feels better already...

Coming Home
The ride hope was a bit chillier - but still so pleasant. I rode right up the Footscray Rd bridge and Alp de Seddon without stopping once. I felt so good! It's a shame I'm not getting that second-day-burning in my legs anymore, but I'm sure it's still working!

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