Thursday, September 23, 2010

Spring Challenge Day 8 (20 days to go)

Departure: 8:02am
Arrival: 9:50am
Conditions: 11 (no gloves!), still, cloudy, dry
Attire: black jeans, brown colorado ankle boots and riding tops

I found that these boots slipped a little bit on the pedals. I'll have to remember that.
My big mouth got me into trouble again - I was just complaining to Trav this morning that my legs were no longer feeling the results of my 160 minutes of riding each week. Well I haven't done 3 days in a row before - about half way through I could already feel the muscles burning. Good!
Today's ride caught me up on my challenge - and it was so easy to just jump back on the bike, I didn't even consider the car. I think I'll be able to pull off a few more 3 day rides this season!
I woke up again to my alarm at 6 this morning. And thought I'd just get up at 6:30 after a bit of a snooze. Well that didn't happen and I was bolting out of bed at 7am again. I really really really want to make the most of the quiet, peaceful mornings, maybe taking Rossi for a walk and definitely getting off to work by 7:30 so I'm setting myself a challenge to be up at 6:30 am every work day next week - I'll start with this and if I need to go earlier I'll make a new challenge the week after. It's all about new habits - and I look forward to reaping the rewards.

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