Monday, September 27, 2010

Early Bird Challenge Day 1

Well after two 4:30 am starts in a row on the weekend I definitely felt ready to begin my 6:30am challenge this week. Let's have a look at what today's plan was and how I did

Rise: 6:30
make tea & breakfast
Red Dress: unpick collar & tidy top edges
make lunch
Ride to work: 7:30

My alarm was set for 6:25am and I was up at 6:35 after the news and washed my hair.
6:50 breakfast
7:05 I looked at the time and consciously knew that to leave by 7:30 I'd need to be upstairs drying my hair and dressing but I unpicked half of the collar instead.
7:25 dried my hair and stood in front of the wardrobe for 10 minutes deciding what to wear. Packed my bags.

7:45 I was downstairs ready to go, forgot something - back upstairs then downstairs chatting to Trav.

7:55 Left for work on my bike.

What went wrong?

I saved time by not making my lunch but rather than sticking to my ultimate goal of leaving by 7:30, I didn't want to miss the opportunity to work on my dress. After all I'd gotten up early to do that hadn't I? Well, no - my main goal was to have more time for myself and to prepare in the morning and to leave by 7:30. I added little tasks to keep me motivated and getting more things done. I definitely did waste time (could have picked my clothes out the night before) so I can improve a bit but I don't really have the time for the extra tasks just by getting up at 6:30. Tomorrow I'll try a 6:15am start - then I'll be able to use that extra 15 minutes for whatever I like, while not rushing the rest of my morning.
On an exciting achievement note - I was really pleased that I rode this morning, it's a first for me on a Monday and I felt it gave me a great start to the week.

See you bright and early tomorrow!

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