Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Early Bird Challenge Day 3

The plan:

Rise: 6:30
make tea & breakfast
Red Dress
make lunch
Drive to work: 7:30

This is how it went in real life
6:20 Alarm
6:35 up, shower, dressed
6:50 chatted to Trav about my extrarordinary day yesterday
7:10 breakfast, made lunch
7:30 back upstairs, dried my hair, makeup, teeth, shoes
7:45 left for work (drove)
8:08 arrived at work.

Once again I didn't do my dress as I'd worked on it last night, it felt like a rushed morning but I still arrived at work 20 minutes early. On a good note - Mum mentioned last night that she (already an early bird) was inspired by my mention of my change of habit to also get a head start on her day - the ripple effect!
I think I'll stick to my 6:30 am plan for the rest of the week (with no extra tasks) and next week I'll make it earlier and include a walk with Rossi each morning, he'll like that!

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