Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Spring Challenge Day 6 (22 days to go)

Departure: 7:50am
Arrival: 8:34am
Conditions: 11, wet roads and drizzle but not cold
Attire: fishtail skirt, stockings, black heels and riding tops

It was drizzling for about the first half of my trip, I took extra care as all the roads were wet and by the second half of the trip the breeze was drying me off. There were so many courteous people around today, an older gent (pedestrian) stopped and allowed me to pass through a narrow spot at Yarra's Edge, then the council workers paused their whipper-snippering as I rode past on Lorimer, and finally the bus driver waited for me to turn into a street before pulling out. Definitely made up for the weather. I'm pleased to report that by the time I got to work there was not a speck of dirt or mud on any of my clothes, and my stockings were nearly dry. It says a lot for the skirt guard, enclosed chain and mudguards - so may cyclists passed me with a strip of mud up their back and inside their legs. I'm so glad I can ride in my work clothes!

Also, I'd attached one of my eBay bargain mirrors but it'll need some adjustment - all I can see is my arm at this stage.

On the way home I was rewarded with a beautiful big sunshine, making everything golden and mysterious. It was a still evening and it felt so peaceful. That's my favourite time of day (when the sun's out).

When I arrived home I received the news that a close member of our family had passed away, and couldn't help thinking she'd had something to do with it. We'll miss you Maureen. xxx

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