Tuesday, September 21, 2010

World Car Free Day tomorrow

Yes folks, get on your bikes, trains, trams, water taxis - just get out of the car! Tomorrow is World Car Free Day and it's the perfect excuse you need to get your spring exercise started. I'll be out there riding to work whatever the weather!

Although we only share one car between us, Trav rides every day as he's so close to work, there's always more we could do - I've started riding 2 days per week but I can slowly increase this, and there are other more fuel efficient options out there for when you can't avoid the car - diesel and hybrid electric cars are becoming more widely available and perform just as well - if not better (just check out the new Subaru Forester turbo diesel!!! - but of course an Australian made vehicle would be even more sustainable) and you could try car-pooling too. Vancouver is one city which has improved its carpooling incredibly - and you can find carpools all over the world at Carpool World.

The Victorian government's Resource Smart website also offers lots of tips on how  and why to reduce vehicle dependency so what are you waiting for?

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