Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Early Bird Challenge Day 2

The plan:

Rise: 6:15
make tea & breakfast
Red Dress
make lunch
Drive to work: 7:30

Yesterday I decided I'd need an extra 15 minutes if I wanted to do any 'extra tasks' so my alarm was set for 6:10 and after an 11pm bedtime I snoozed until 6:25. Still an improvement on yesterday.
6:25 up: shower, dressed, makeup
6:55 walked to bakery - rolls just went into oven, come back in 15m.
7:00 Breakfast, wrote 2 thank you letters and updated our fridge-board.
7:30 Back to bakery, picked up hot rolls!
7:35 brushed my teeth, grabbed some fruit.
7:40 left for work (driving today)
8:00 arrived at work 30 minutes early!

So I didn't work on my dress as I'd unpicked and pinned it the night before. This morning felt quite relaxed, as I was fully dressed and ready I could linger at the table and ease into the day.

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